Reasons and precautions for the oxidation of metal zipper

2016-08-03 704
The chemical property of copper alloy in metal zipper is the chemical reaction of acid, alkali, oxidant or reducing agent, and it is easy to change the color of the copper alloy. Cloth on the residual chemicals and metal zipper chain teeth and pull the head or cotter part occur chemical reaction, zipper may will change. This chemical reaction in high temperature, high humidity conditions (sewing products through steam ironing, sealed in a plastic bag and save for a long time) is more likely to occur. This situation does not belong to the quality of the zipper. Little Liu Yu to share the reasons for the discoloration of metal zipper and preventive methods!
A copper alloy (nickel alloy, copper, brass) made of metal zipper discoloration:
When used in metal products or wool products, metal zipper will be part of the metal oxidation caused by the phenomenon of black teeth. This because the leather leather agent and wool textile products processing bleaching agent, processing process and the residue in the product, the product gas will cause discoloration of the metal zipper.
Examples of chemical reactions: oxidation bleaching agent (H2O2), black (CuO) or red (CuO2);
Two, rubber band beam of the metal zipper discoloration reasons:
Rubber band itself contains sulfide, in order to rubber band beam metal zipper, metal chain will produce curing phenomenon (black).
Examples of chemical reactions: conditions for excess of sulfide or HS2 gas, black [CuS]
Three, the cause of the discoloration of the contact with acid compounds or chromium compounds.
Examples of chemical reactions: acid compounds and chromium compounds [Cr2O3], black [CuO, red [CuO2], or blue [CuSO4].
Four, the reason for the change of the hanging zipper head:
Although the hanging zipper head has been done in advance to do anti rust treatment, but because of oxidation is a metal property, in order to reduce discoloration and surface cleaning, please use a copy paper bag.
Examples of chemical reactions: wet or steam ironing wet blue 2]. (OH) [Cu
How to prevent metal zipper discoloration?
1, avoid metal zipper with acid, alkali, oxidizing agent or reducing agent contact.
2, to avoid ironing clothes for a long time or long-term sealing packing in plastic bags, because the clothing on the residual chemicals under high temperature and high humidity conditions easily teeth with metal zipper, zipper head, cotter parts occur chemical reaction cause discoloration. The degree of chemical reaction can be reduced by the use of anti wet paper and anti moisture agent when necessary.
3, the correct method of washing: washing or put into the dryer, the zipper closed, pull the head fixed. If you open the washing, the front stop will damage the fabric, and the cloth will shrink. Strong alkaline detergent or chlorine bleach to primality wax or oil film coated on the metal zipper. Stop
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