Attention to the maintenance and maintenance of die casting die for aluminum alloy

2016-08-03 603
Mold maintenance and maintenance of the mentioned, will be immediately flashed a concept in the minds of many die cast operator that is that of repair work, and he has little to do, in fact, just the opposite. How to mold the fate of all can be said that in the hands of a cast operator. For example, you have a car, opened a few years bad, you can say is those who caused the car wash it? So the mold during the use of the following points to pay special attention to:
(1) the use of mold cooling system. Mold cooling water in the correct use of the situation is not only to extend the life of the mold, but also improve production efficiency. In actual production, we often ignore the importance of it. Mold materials are generally dedicated to the production of steel through a variety of processing, and then a good mold steel also has the limit of their use, for example, the temperature.
Mold in the state, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to will make the surface of the mold core early crack turtle, some die hasn't even more than 2000 die crack turtle on a large area. Even die in production because the mold temperature is too high core has changed color, after measuring even reached more than 400 degrees, such temperature to meet a demoulding agent induced cold state is prone to crack turtle, production of the products are easy to deformation, strain, stick the mould.
In mold cooling water use can greatly reduce the use of release agent, such operators will not use mold release agent to reduce the mold temperature. The advantage is that it can effectively prolong the life of the mold, save the die casting cycle, improve the quality of the product, reduce the viscosity of the mold and the strain and the aluminum, and reduce the use of the release agent. Can also reduce the mold temperature due to overheating caused by the top bar and core loss.
(2) mold in the production process must be for preheating the mold, to prevent in the cold die suddenly encountered hot metallic liquid and lead to crack turtle, complex mold can use a blowtorch, liquefied gas condition good with mold temperature machine, the relatively simple mold can slow injection preheating to use.
(3) the mold points surface clean, this is very troublesome, is also easy to overlook, if not the quality of the mold, production in the mold sub surface inevitably fly edge or dirt, the operator should often to clean up the site, at any time with a small shovel. If the flash is not promptly removed, mold parting surface easily collapsed, killing in the production process of middle distance race aluminum, once cause such consequences, no matter you have what good repair experts, completely repair the possibility of is very small.
Aluminum running caused by the consequences, not only increase the cost of die casting, white aluminum waste away, product quality is not stable, especially internal quality, but also increases the difficulty of process parameters are identified, qualified rate will drop a lot, from security considerations, the increased injury rate. In succession, the operators to use kerosene thoroughly to mold sub surface clean again, not only can prevent mold will not be crushed, and after cleaning, the mold is releasing agent residues or other dirt clogging vents open and conducive to injection process medium cavity gas discharge to improve the quality of the products, a team down cleaning surface preferably twice.
(4) if mold is equipped with a neutron control, pay attention to the absolute prohibition of die casting machine and mold between the signal line connector, the reason is clear, in daily production, it is difficult to avoid signal line cleaning the bathroom, or is joint bandage, easily broken, resulting in machine tools and short circuit, if the cause of the error signal, light alarm, automatic shutdown delay time, re disturbance signal, the mold top bad. Cause unnecessary loss. Stroke switch attention waterproof.
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