Knowledge and common sense of metal jewelry

2016-08-03 10:05:01
- Gold (silver)
(1) classification:
Gold (silver) according to the different material is divided into two categories, one is homogeneous materials of gold (silver), refers to the gold (silver) surface treatment; another type of gold (silver) for heterogeneous materials, that is, the
Gold (silver) on the surface of gold (silver) treatment.
(2) standard:
Internationally accepted gold plated jewelry standard is: good gold plating layer thickness of 10 microns ~25 microns, generally 2 microns ~3 microns, such as under 0.18 microns is inferior.
(3) performance and maintenance:
To avoid friction, so as not to fall off the surface layer;
Not long time and the human sweat gland direct contact, summer should not be worn;
Avoid direct contact with acid and alkali substances such as soap and so on;
From the cosmetics, avoid contact with cosmetics.
The gold-plated copper (silver) with high hardness, and alloy gold (silver) small hardness and wear to avoid hard pull hard pull.
(4) identification:
1, look at the color: gold (silver) jewelry is generally good gloss, high brightness, color than gold, silver really shallow.
2, weight: gold (silver) in the hands of weight than gold, silver jewelry, much lighter.
3, listen to the voice: the gold (silver) jewelry thrown on the table or the ground, the sound of teaching to teach boring. Gold, silver and it's voice is very clear.
4, gold and silver jewelry in weight than gold (silver) to be much heavier, but the hardness of teaching soft, real gold Zhenyin wearing light and gold (silver) and vice versa.
5, in addition, copper plated platinum jewelry and platinum jewelry is very similar, and the gloss is higher than platinum, the surface is smooth, never change.
Two, silver, silver
Thai silver.
(1) knowledge: silver, also known as "niello" is put in the silver jewelry silver, lead and sulphur mixture of melt, and the glassy state of a cap layer is formed.
(2) the performance: the silver coating gold layer loose, the black, and the silver bright bright bright contrast, produces the special visual effect. Because of the special anti old treatment, Ukrainian silver jewelry is not only long-term change,
The surface hardness is greatly enhanced, because the texture and color have a unique style, making the rough and simple jewelry.
Sterling Silver.
(1) level: 625, 725, 925
(2): white, fine, elegant, smooth surface, good ductility, and sulfide contact in the air will turn black.
Classification of silver
Silver jewelry can be divided into two categories of fine and fine, they are as follows:
(1): fine silver silver thousandth of not less than 990 silver said. Because it is too soft, easy to wear, and therefore more used to make silver, but not suitable for jewelry production.
(2): Wenyin silver thousandth of not less than 925 known wenyin. Also known as the "925 silver", sterling silver is usually added 7.5% mixed with 92.5% silver copper. Due to the incorporation of copper, the finished product is polished.
After the gloss, than pure silver bright beautiful, so often used in jewelry and silverware.
The characteristics of two silver
(1) the low melting point of silver, easy smelting, good ductility, because silver is good, it is easier to form.
(2) did not respond to most acids, easy to produce all kinds of jewelry, processed silver surface smooth and elegant.
(3) the silver time will appear black, mainly due to the oxidation of sulfur in the air and black.
Three silver jewelry identification
(1) color: eye, looks white, shiny, fine.
(2) bending method: hand bending silver jewelry, easy to bend easily broken with high purity.
(3) casting method: the silver jewelry from thrown down on the bedplate, bouncing is not high and "poof tick tock" sound is really silver or high fineness of silver jewelry.
In addition, silver, color should be darker than platinum; teach soft hardness, not easy to rust, weight.
Four silver jewelry maintenance
(1) do not wear silver jewelry at the same time to wear other metal jewelry, so as to avoid the impact of deformation.
(2) to avoid contact with water vapor and chemical products, can not wear it to swim, especially in the sea.
(3) if you have enough time to wear cotton to wipe clean, and put it in jewelry box.
Silver (4) will be due to oxidation and black, can be used to rub silver cloth or wash water, also can using a soft bristle brush dipped in toothpaste scrub, after washing to dry with cotton can be.
Three, alloy
1, knowledge
Alloy is a synthetic metal, its scope is very wide, made of alloy jewelry quality is worse than that of copper, hardness is not strong, education soft, alloy jewelry price is cheap, styles of jewelry more fancy, but not hard pinch and is easily broken. And the copper on the contrary, its toughness is better. If there is a silver or bronze alloy, in general, the copper content is higher, alloy color is red, the color of the alloy is green.
2, maintenance
(1) do not use bleach. The chlorine in the water will make the alloy appear pit marks, break down the alloy, and even erode the weld.
(2) avoid washing powder, detergent and toothpaste with abrasive material.
3, identification
Alloy hardness is not strong, but the toughness is good, good smoothness, make jewelry more fancy, with hand weigh weight significantly than other metal jewelry to, alloy hole is very small.
Four, stainless steel
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